The Mackichan Trust
Am faod flos fhithich a ‘bith aca

About Funding

In accordance with the Deeds of the Catherine Mackichan Bursary Trust, awards are made to applicants submitting proposals for topics within the following subjects:

1. Research into any historical aspect relating to Scotland, especially North and West Scotland, but including historical links with Ireland, England and Scandinavia.

2. Research and investigation of an archaeological topic relating to Scotland or involving Scottish links with the outside world.

3. A genealogical / historiographic topic covering any Scottish family or clan.

4. A place name / onomastic topic relating to Scotland, or with a Scottish place name element out-with Scotland e.g. Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, North America.

5. Attendance at a recognised academic conference on historical, genealogical, archaeological or related topics.

Catherine Mackichan was particularly interested in medieval history and the Trust Deeds take this into account. The awards take into consideration the following points:

a) The Adjudicators must take the above criteria into account but not to the exclusion of applicants with non-medieval subjects provided they come within the above categories.

b) Applicants will receive particular consideration if they demonstrate that they are unable to obtain funding via normal channels, or if their work is an extension of a topic previously funded through one of these channels.

c) The Deeds state that in exceptional circumstances a topic will be considered out-with those listed above but of an historical or archaeological nature.

It is desirable, but not essential, that the names and addresses of two referees accompany each application.

Application forms can be obtained by e-mailing the Trust’s secretary using the e-mail address below:


Applications should be submitted between 1st January and 16th April and are usually reviewed and considered by 30th June.

Successful applicants must be prepared to enter into an agreement with the Trust in accordance with the terms of the standard contract.

A short resume of the research / project is required upon completion and this should indicate how the funding from the Trust has been used.  


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