The Mackichan Trust
Am faod flos fhithich a ‘bith aca

Mackichan Scholars 2012

David Connolly.  Research into a cropmark enclosure at Gifford, East Lothian. The three ditched enclosure has been excavated as part of a community project involving local volunteers, students, school children and East Lothian Youth Archaeology Club. Financial support from the Trust has been provided to help meet some of the cost of radiocarbon dating of features.

Elizabeth Balfour.  Part of the Northumbria Basketry Group Research Project, the applicant is researching the use of baskets and basket making by three distinct occupations – those of fishing, farming and mining communities.   

Murray Cook. A research project is being led by the applicant into the sites of the battles of Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn. A series of community led archaeological exercises on both battlefields is being undertaken. Two key areas of ground are being subject to geophysical survey and the project involves data collection and community engagement as well as excavation of key features. Trust financial support is being given to help fund the costs of geophysical survey and radiocarbon dating.

Kamalroop Singh Birk.  The applicant is researching the work of the Scottish Linguist Dr John Leydon (1775-1811) and the contribution he made to Anglo-Panjabi heritage. A biography of Dr Leydon will be produced along with a review of the part he played. The aim is to publish some of the research on the internet.

Claudia Caldeira.  Funding support to help pay for 22 samples of stable isotope analysis. These tests are to help with research into the diet of Scottish Medieval populations. The applicant aims to explore the variation of sulphur values in different food sources and their geographical locations.

Ceri Houlbrook.  An investigation into 26 sites of coin trees (trees into which coins have been inserted edgeways). The aim is to better understand the origins of the trees and the associated Scottish

Benjamin Garlick. Researching the history of estate tracks on the Highland Estate. The main part of the study is on the history of tracks at Mar Lodge in the Cairngorms.

Amble Skuse. A research project into Gaelic songs from the Western Isles which have a relationship to the sea. From review of archives unusual songs and poems will be investigated and some of the songs arranged using contemporary techniques and recorded. A website will be set up to allow free access to the product including historic information into the background of each piece.


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