The Mackichan Trust
Am faod flos fhithich a ‘bith aca

Mackichan Scholars 2014

Calum Robertson.  Research into clan museums and heritage centres in Scotland. The award is to help with the travel costs incurred whilst completing the necessary fieldwork.

Katarzyna Kosior.  Research into queenship with a specific focus on Mary Stewart. The award is to help with the costs of fieldwork.

Tom Davidson Kelly.  Researching the Scottish Ecclesiologist Charles Carmichael (1864-90). Funding granted to assist with the costs of fieldwork in South Africa.

Rachel Noorda.  Funding provided to support the attendance at a conference. Rachel has been researching Scottish – American clan societies and the concept of, and identification with, Scotland as “home” for Scottish Americans in Las Vegas.

Anne Cleave.  Funding provided to help with costs incurred in Anne’s role as archivist for the Duart Castle archive project. This is helping to produce a comprehensive written and photographic record of the castle and its restoration.

Fiona Watson.  An award has been granted to help with the costs of publishing results of the excavation of the Trappoch broch site. Specifically the award is to enable a radiocarbon dating test to be undertaken.

Susan O Connor.  Undertaking a research project into public buildings with fieldwork to visit Council buildings in the north of England and Scotland and to review appropriate minutes and drawings relating to these buildings.

Murray Cook. Undertaking research into three vitrified hill forts near Stirling. The award winner has undertaken surveys of the sites and ran training excavations. Funding request has been for monies to support radiocarbon dating.



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