The Mackichan Trust
Am faod flos fhithich a ‘bith aca

Mackichan Scholars 2015

Rose Roberto.  Research into Victorian book illustration. Specifically focusing on a collection of wood engravings produced by W&R Chambers, a Scottish publishing company, and also using the archives of this firm held at the National Library of Scotland. The award is to help with the costs of fieldwork.

Rosemary Power.  Research into the positioning of the 9th and 10th century high crosses on Iona and where their shadows fall. The research aims to try to demonstrate that where the crosses were erected was carefully selected to enable the crosses to be used as “sundials”.

Rachel Noorda.  Research into the role of nationality in the marketing of books in Scotland. Research will aim to consider whether marketing efforts perpetuate and promote types of Scottish literary and cultural identity. Rachel prepared a paper based on her research for a Publishing Studies conference in Florence and her award will be to help with travel and accommodation costs for this event.

Julia Bounab. Research into Isobel MacDuff, Countess of Buchan. Funding is being provided to help with costs of fieldwork including visits to Berwick and Methven.

Phil Back.  Research into the origins of Scotland’s 36 country parks. An award has been granted to help with the costs of travel to enable archives to be reviewed in various locations. The project aims to explain the rationale for the parks, how sites were selected, differences in terms of provision and how resources were distributed.

Jamie Barnes. Undertaking a research project into hammerhead crosses and their distribution in South West Scotland and Northern England. The award has been granted to assist with costs of site visits.

Carol Sorhaindo. Undertaking research into the Castle Bruce plantation, a former sugar plantation on the Island of Dominica, which aims to explore British connections with the estate in the 18th century. The award has been granted to assist with site visits to archives in various locations in the north of England.

Jana Flieshart. Research into soldiers, sailors and civilians from the island of Lismore who were involved in the First World War. The aim is produce biographies for the selected individuals and to produce an outline plan for an exhibition at Lismore Heritage Centre in 2018.

William Wyeth. Reviewing information and evidence about Scottish castles from c1,050- c.1,350 from various sources including songs, poems and chronicles. William will be presenting a paper at the Symposium of Medieval and Renaissance Studies in St. Louis.

Torben Bjarke Ballin. Investigation of various Moray chert finds using petrographic and micro-chemical analysis. This followed fieldwork in 2014 in Moray which looked at the distribution of chert in the landscape, the general properties of the material and its potential usefulness to prehistoric man and the variability within the rock.





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